J-3 Mining Probe

J-3 Mining Probe was an attempt to create a Motherload clone for the Sega Genesis.

Initial work went smoothly. No serious bugs, or other issues. I just slowly lost interest in developing it. I guess I would rather release it unfinished that not at all.

The unfinished game is essentially playable, but there isn't really any challenge. Just endless digging. I may come back to this in the future, but this is the game is is.

Even though I stopped working on it, it was some of the most fun I've ever had working on a project. I learned a ton while working on the ramdom level generation.

Finished features:


-Most Graphics

-Most engine work

-Most menus/screens

-Random level Generation

-Basic gameplay and control

Missing features:

-Into/ending sequence

-Fuel/money system

-Minor bugs/issues


-Some animations

-Upgrade system

-Scoring system

-In-game store

Download it!

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