A collection of original music for the Genesis. Note: You will need an HTML5 compatible browser. Most modern browsers are. All music recorded from real hardware.

Music is in high bitrate ogg vorbis format at 48khz.

Bassy Tune

Gravity Pig Level 1 theme

Dead Polka

Used as the B music for Liquid Space Dodger.

Dr. Caine

An attempt to do something with a similar sound to the music from The Ooze.

Drum Thing

No home yet! Orphaned music.

Gravity Pig good ending

See title.

Hard Reset

Gravity Pig Level 3 theme.

Icy Tune

Gravity Pig Level 2 music.

Mystic Offender

Used as final boss theme in Gravity Pig.

Pig's Song

Gravity Pig title theme.

Robot Dreams and Synth Screams

Used in my 2015 Halloween demo. Done as a challenge to make a song using only instruments that I could synthesize myself.

Slow Melody

Used to test my visual VGM player.


Not an original song like the rest, but I think it's worth adding. I just did the work to get it playing on the Genesis.

Two Guitars

Similar idea as Dr. Caine, but with Comix Zone. I didn't get as close to the original game though. I still think it's a neat tune.

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