Genesis 68010 mod

Why stick a 68010 in a Genesis? For fun! (And the minor speed boost.) Performance gains in 2D games are minimal, but 3D games got a decent boost. In 3D games, a 10MHZ 68010 has roughly the performance of a 12MHZ 68000.

The mod work wasn't too hard, just time consuming. I had to desolder the entire CPU from the Genesis, and replace the CPU with a 64 pin DIP socket. After that, you can slot in your 68010, or a different 68k. I piggy backed an oscillator on to my 68010. The oscillator is also socketed and draws power and ground from the CPU pins.

Here is a video showing some games running on a 68010.

Below are some images, performance info, and compatibility info.

mod mod

Performance Comparison:

ComradeOj's 68K benchmark program: (higher is better)

68000 (7.67MHZ) - 5220

68000 (10MHZ) - 6756

68010 (10MHZ) - 7104

Flashback intro video time

68000 41.8s

68010 40.8s

G-Zero BFD (Gasega68k)

68000 26-27

68010 26-27

Hard Drivin'

It's hard to measure performance here, but Hard Drivin on a stock 68010 is almost as fast as on a 10MHZ overclocked 68000. Video of Hard Drivin on a 10MHZ 68010

Sonic 2 special stages (time to complete) Video link

68000 1m26s

68010 1m24s

Sonic 3D Blast intro video time

68000 13.2s

68010 12.8s

Starfox demo (Gasega68k)

68000 - 15 FPS

68010 - 15-16 FPS

Wolfenstein 3D (Gasega68k)

68000 17-18 FPS (mostly 17)

68010 17-18 FPS (mostly 18)

Peripherals/add-on compatibilty:

32x - works!

Game Genie - works!

SEGA CD - works!

SVP (virtua racing) - works!

Incompatible games:

Adventures of Batman and Robin - random freezes.

Bugs Bunny in double trouble - black screen on start up.

Comix Zone - black screen on start up.

Elemental Master - black screen before opening cutscene.

Knuckles' Chaotix - freezes on loading, saving, and finishing the first stage.

Lawnmower man - freezes after initial 3D stage.

Popful Mail (SEGA CD) - black screen on start up

Red Zone - freezes when starting game.

Sol Feace (SEGA CD & Genesis versions) - freezes on title screen

Sonic 3 - freezes upon loading a stage.

Sonic and Knuckles - resets on SEGA screen.

Sub Terrania - freezes after SEGA screen (I'm working on a patch).

Thunder Force IV (AKA lightening force) - black screen on start up

Titan Overdrive (demo) - freezs after checkered floor part

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